• Natasha Ofili

A Chat with the Trader Joe’s Sensation

My lifelong friend, Matthew Simmons, recently became a Trader Joe’s sensation based on his Facebook post. I had the opportunity to interview him and have him share his fascinating experience! It was a fun and casual conversation that I think you will enjoy watching.

Funny story, we have known each other since middle school! I’m talking about ancient ages ago! God, we are both getting slightly older (chuckle). But one thing remains, we will always be a lifelong friends.

Below is one of the many articles written about him.

Something like this is a big YES! We are often consumed with negative news in the media. And I hate to say some reality shows news are getting a kick out of our attention (I can raise my hand on this one, I’m guilty).

This article from Good Morning America is quite amazing. It is nice to know the something like this went viral because this shows us that something so simple yet big can become a sensation. It is a friendly reminder to us all that we can make a difference in any way possible to create CHANGE.

What difference would you like to impact in our community and how would you do it?

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