• Natasha Ofili

Did you all have a good P & P week?

The P & P?

Let me tell you, a good friend of mine had a fabulous P & P week.

I know we are Staying Home to Save Lives. We are doing an amazing job; you should give yourself a hug. We got this and will get through this.

While we are home more than we are used to, we are trying to stay busy and allow the day to be spent quickly. We try to stay distracted from what is happening in world. All those are understandably valid but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily have a positive impact. When the day ends: where is our mind space is? Does it feel good, does it give you light and motivation for the next new day? Or are you left in the darkness, a void, lacking energy and motivation?

The P & P is Productive and Present. This came up during a nice Google Duo conversation with my dear friend. Along in the conversation, we talked about how being present truly helps you set your perspective of the situation you are in and life.

Storm Smith was inspired by my mode on being Productive and Present. It led her to transforming an empty space into her safe haven sanctuary, her patio. She made it a day project for her which was therapeutic, productive and importantly, she was present. A rewarding feeling and experience for her. When she wants a moment, she can go outside to her patio, be still, enjoy her space by reading, creating, writing, listening music, maybe even dancing (chuckle) and many more etc. That is YES. The photo itself signs a thousand words.

Being productive and present is about being here, truly here, acceptance, recognizing your feelings (spectrum of happy, sadness, to anger). There is a window of tolerance and only YOU know what your tolerance is because you are present. With all of those tokens being home, you start to appreciate what you have, your creative zone expands, new ideas starting flowing, you find yourself smiling for no reason, the future is uncertain but you can see the light twinkling at the end of the tunnel.

So, how can you be P & P this weekend and beyond? Leave a comment below – I’d love to know!

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