• Natasha Ofili

I Embrace my Reality and Gratitude.

The other day my husband concluded his visual guided mediation session on Zoom with a message to us all and to think about this word: Acceptance.

All of our faces were in a moment of realization. Surprisingly, we needed to see the word Acceptance. With COVID-19 in our lives and how much it has affected all of us. We need acceptance. It took me weeks to accept the fate of this virus that spread to the lives of people globally. It took me weeks to grieve for the people who lost their lives, and their unfortunate situations. It is a lot to take in: how so many lives will permanently be affected when this is over. This crushed my mental state.

Drowning of tears, angst, and anxiousness that clouded over my soul for weeks because I haven’t accepted it. After journaling, being still, and talking about it with my father in law, I was able to reframe my emotions and thoughts. I accepted the fate of the COVID-19. I accepted my loss of several gigs, I accepted the inability to physically visit my family, and I accepted how COVID-19 affected people’s behavior.

I embrace my reality and gratitude.

Most importantly, Mother Nature is healing. She needs a break from our world we are living in, there are so much chaos, so much destruction of our environment. We forget to truly be kind to one another, we are not listening/seeing, we are not present, we forget to just be, take a moment to be still, and nourish this earth with love.

Acceptance. So I ask you: What is your Acceptance? During this strange pause, how are you accepting your reality?

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