• Natasha Ofili

Potery in Motion

I was on the edge of my comfy seat watching “The Last Dance” Episode 1 last night, not because of the action, but because I was in awe and inspired by Michael Jordan’s journey, the history of the Chicago Bulls and how Mike became Michael Jordon.

His passion, magic, mindset on becoming the best. He couldn’t see anything but that, an amazing combination of self-discipline and commitment.

Gradually after 1984, The Chicago Bulls insert their stamp onto the map. The world saw the Bulls and Michael Jordan. One fan stated that she has never seen anything like this, she loved watching MJ. For her, she was watching “Poetry in Motion.”

YES, that is the perfect description on watching Michael Jordan. He is a Poetry in Motion.

I highly recommend everyone “The Last Dance.” This is a perfect watch during our Quarantine Day??? It is a reminder of our potential and that we can challenge ourselves to succeed.

Michael Jordan played every game as if it was his last. Whatever we are doing in our lives such as acting, writing, directing, producing, graphic design and creative field in the entertainment industry, WE CAN deliver our talent as if was our last. Sometimes, it can be lonely but the fruits are so rich.

FYI, there are many featured icons such as Obama, Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippin and many more who appear on The Last Dance.

My greatest goal is to continue in evolving into the best actor and break down those barriers for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of color.

What is your greatest goal you want to achieve for yourself and life? I know you can get there. Commit yourself =)

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