• Natasha Ofili

Taking You Back

Taking You Back is the most treasured feeling that no one can take away from you. Sometimes we lose ourselves in this big world. Sometimes we drown in the sea. As we drown in the sea, we fight to live, fight toward the light of the sky, fight to take YOU back. After your fight, you rise to the surface of the sea. When you float on the sea, there a sense of freedom, sense of calmness, sense of victory, and sense of strength.

Taking You Back, you realize you are your own biggest supporter. You truly know thyself. You are Valued, you are Enough, you are Here to Stay and Be Whatever you want to be in this world.

Many years ago, when I struggled with my clinical depression, there were constant wars within my mind and heart. At one point, I was in a black hole, stuck in another dimension and I thought that was it. But somehow my inner being far away was able to scream HELP. The horror of my own scream shook me. I sought help and my life elevated because my self-commitment. I took myself back and renewed thyself.

Taking You Back. I’m Natasha Ifeanyi Ofili. I’m worthy, unique, present, beautiful, fearless and here to stay.

Ifeanyi – ironically, it means “Nothing is Impossible”

Have you found yourself in a wrong side of the road of yourself? Have you asked yourself how you got there?

Are you ready to Take You Back?

Remember we have this life to live, live it to your own fullest, no one else. You got this!

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