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Woman, Beauty, Empowerment, Vulnerability, Pain and Strength… tells a story.

Updated: Apr 7

Woman, Beauty, Empowerment, Vulnerability, Pain and Strength… tells a story. A true beauty of art. Power of an unspoken visual story showcased these emotions in “AMA,” a short film by Julie Gautier. When I first watched this short film 2 years ago, I was submerged into my body and taken by this film with depth of my inner being. I tapped into something that I never thought I would go. When I watch this character’s motions, liberations, and fearlessness. It enlightened my darkness.

Sometime we trapped in darkness and there for what feels like an eternity. Sometimes we don’t know how to get out. Sometimes we underestimate our own inner strength that we all have.

How do I get out? ART. Art is my savior, Art is a true self where I am revealed, Art is liberation, and, Art has a story.

I want to thank “AMA” for showing my enlightenment within myself and pushing my ability to trust and be free.

The story of “AMA” is an inspirational craft that fuels me during my journey as an Actress. When I am working on my auditions or prepping to work on screen/stages, this story is one of my “go to” to prep and study.

Why am I talking about this film now when I saw this 2 years ago? Because just the other day, Julie Gautier posted this film on her IG in remembrance that this film was created for Women’s International Day 2 years ago. Julie said:

“Today, we chose each other to give ‘AMA’ a new identity and to give a visual form to ‘Emotional Latitudes…’”

“Because this is what we talk about, change the soundtrack of a movie and you modify its soul. We are in an era of changes. It’s better to do it consciously than to undergo it tomorrow.”

Powerful statement! I love the new title. Beautifully said.

Take 6 mins of your time to watch this true beauty of art short-film.

You can also follow on her IG: juliegautier.nery

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