2019 was a year full of abundance and 2020 is a year of continuing to BE BRAVE.  I tapped into my other elements that I haven’t in years to expand my growth as an actress. Thank you 2019 for an amazing year of love, growth, exposures, new connections and experiences. 


Last year was something. I had my first debut on 2 TV Series which are currently steaming: Netflix: “The Politician” where I played Principal Vaughn on 4 episodes and Amazon Prime: “Undone” where I played a Deaf Teacher on 2 episodes. Being on screen has been my strength and craft.


As a Deaf African American Woman, I have the voicing skills to perform speaking roles. When using my voice on “The Politician” for the first time, it was a good challenge.  I enjoyed the process and progress I made when playing Principal Vaughn. I will use my voicing as a tool that I have for any speaking roles. My true expression are my hands and American Sign Language (ASL).  When I played a Deaf Teacher ASL, it was exciting to show Deaf representation on screen.  I will always represent my community as who I am to inspire future Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of color to follow my foot steps in the industry.


I had the opportunity to be part of two workshops, Deaf West Workshop and Musical Lab Series and wow, with those experiences, I learned that I LOVE musical theater. It is a different animal and challenging, which is the best part.  I played Cathy from The Last Five Years at the Center Theatre Group Annex and played Andromeda from Medusa at The Getty Villa.


Being an actress to me is a commitment to giving my best, loving the work I do and evolving to become a better actress. I love every minute of it.  I won’t give up.  I can’t believe it has been 4 years since entering the entertainment space. I achieved my first lead role for a short film, “Words not Spoken,” where my character was a lesbian African American teenager dealing with life challenges.  I also landed a 7up commercial that was nationally broadcasted in 2016.


The 7up commercial opened up many more doors for me that I am grateful to partake in.  I had a supporting role in the featured film, “You and Me,” which was featured at CINEQUEST film festival in March 2018, a commercial for Apple, Inc. called “Accessibility - Sady,” which has been renew till 2024. A leading role as Star Elder in a short film, “Mather,” starring Obba Babatundé, and debuted my first theatre play at Pasadena Playhouse, “Our Town.”


​In 2018 I co-directed and produced my first short monologue play, “Reflection: What Do You See?” in honor of Black History Month at Theatre of Note in Hollywood, CA. 


Other than acting, I wrote my first play and it is exciting that is leading somewhere. I will share more soon what the progress is of this play =)


I thank my mother for my existence who migrated to America from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I faced my own personal challenges when at the age of 18 months: I lost my hearing. However, my challenges only served as a positive driving force, and with my creative talent and sheer determination. 


I am a person who is constantly pushing the boundaries to show the fire I have.  This fire is my token – the token I use to break down the barriers people of color and Deaf and Hard of hearing youth and adults experience in their everyday life.


While I am taming my fire, I have a love for hiking, nature, writing, and watching old and new films.

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner"

                                                        - Lao Tzu