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Jean Cocteau's ORPHEE Viewed Through Unique Lens Of Deaf West Theatre


Fashion Designer-Turned-Actress Natasha Ofili Appears in

Netflix's The Politician

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Unstoppable: Deaf Actress Natasha Ofili Is Inspiring The World About What Can Be Accomplished With Sheer Determination

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The Politician proves you can mock 'wokeness' without being a baby boomer who left their empathy in the 1980s

REVIEW: ‘The Politician’ is an Excellent Satirical Look at Modern Politics

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Natasha Ofili - In The Studio

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Mentor for The Wrap

Mentorship Session 

Natasha Ofili is the principal in The Politician - and She's Breaking Barriers for Deaf Actors

Every song featured in The Politician's Season 1 Soundtrack


Natasha's First

Directed Play  

Natasha Ofili invites you to Mather's Premiere Party


Our Town - Pasadena Playhouse

Black History Month Spotlight


Natasha Ofili: Thank You

Deaf Women Herstory Featured Month

Black Deaf Culture through the lens of Black Deaf History 


Breaking through barriers in Hollywood